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3 Seconds in the Key

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What is the 3 second rule?

3 Seconds in the Key

The rule states that while a team is in possession of the ball, an offensive player shall NOT remain in the key for more than three consecutive seconds. The lines bounding the key are part of the restricted area and a player touching one of these lines is considered in the area. The 3 second restriction does NOT apply: A) While the ball is in the air during a shot for goal. B) During a rebound or C) When the ball is dead. If the ref calls a 3 second violation, the ball is immediately turned over to the opposing team.



6/7/2010 3:20:44 PM
RS said:

or D) when the ball is not in the front court.

10/4/2011 7:06:26 AM
vlad from bobsville said:

currently the rules have altered and now there are 10 second penalties if this doesn't work

1/27/2012 9:03:27 AM
nichole said:

you are wrong


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