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Offensive Rebounding

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How do I become a better offensive rebounder?

Offensive Rebounding

In order to get an offensive rebound, you must get the inside position on your defender, who is trying to box you out. You must outquick him, or make some kind of move to get that inside position. You can try a quick change of directions, develop a spin move, or just sweep your leg in front of your opponent.



9/18/2008 12:46:05 PM
Steve said:

This is a good tip. More specifically, do two basic things to be a good offensive rebounder. First, anticipate where the ball will go - usually to the opposite side of the hoop but you can become good at anticiapting based on the trajectory of the shot. Second, avoid contact with the defender trying to box you out in order to get to that spot. Use feints and fakes to elude the defender but if you can't elude him, offer as little of your body as possible. If you allow the defender to put his back squarely against your body, he has you pinned. Instead of facing the defender directly, offer him only the side of your body. That way you can slide around him (with help from your inside arm) if the ball goes one way or spin around (like a spin dribble) if the ball goes to the other side.

1/6/2012 7:36:27 AM
Marvin RayBan Diogal said:

i agree with Steve


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