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Focus Point

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What should I look at when shooting?

Focus Point

Most experts would agree that concentration is the key to becoming a great shooter. But what do you concentrate on? Where do you focus?

It's not the ball as many beginning players have a habit of doing. You should NEVER watch the ball after it leaves your hand. You should instead find a FOCUS POINT on the rim. The most popular focus point being the front of the rim. Think about it. Wherever you are on the court, the front of the rim is always there for you. When you have committed to taking a jump shot, the only thing that you should be focusing on is your focus point. Not the ball, not the defender, just your focus point. This will lead to better concentration and a rise in your shooting percentage.



8/22/2008 6:07:23 PM
Malek said:

This really help me on my aiming ,and thats the way it will help u make a shot ,so im a 90% shooter now, and now im in High school, one of the top shooters!!!!!

12/28/2009 12:39:28 AM
Radek said:

Actually you should be sighting the entire basket. When you're shooting by yourself unguarded, this may help but in a game situation you won't have time to laser focus on the front of the rim most of the time you will have enough time to only see the basket and then shoot at it. If you spend the half-second extra to look for the center of the front rim that's enough time for the defender to block your shot.

12/28/2009 7:01:54 PM
Brian said:

I wouldn't agree. You should be able to find either the front of the rim, or the back of the rim even in a game situation. If you can't see one or the other, you're not open enough to take the shot, or you need glasses IMO.

6/16/2010 6:31:01 PM
Jayden said:

I agree with BRian

7/29/2010 11:11:14 PM
Simon said:

I was always taught the back of the rim

8/23/2010 3:31:41 AM
paritosh said:

u r jordan part 2 its .......ur tip made a difference


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