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The Top 5 Basketball Apps

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The Top 5 Basketball Apps

There are literally hundreds of basketball apps on the market today for super fans and sorta fans, alike. Whether you're a year-round enthusiast or you just need to keep current with your Fantasy stats, we've chosen the top 5 basketball apps to save you the time of trying them all yourself. Have a look.

1. NBA Game Time on Android or iPhone

NBA Game Time is the official app of the NBA with all the information you need to know from the latest scores to play off times. Plus with a League Pass, you can watch games on your phone. Everything you need to know is available with a touch or a swipe with this amazing app.

2. Yahoo Fantasy Basketball on Android or iPhone

If you take part in fantasy football, you probably already know about this app. If you don't, you should get involved. With this app, you can manage your roster, keep track of your stats, and get up to the minute updates on your players. You can talk with the managers through message boards and this app makes it easy to figure out which athlete to play next.

3. TheScore on Android or iPhone

If you want to catch up on news after every game, this is the app for you You can follow specific teams, get the latest news on players, and keep up to date with all the fast-paced action.

4. NBA 3D Live Wallpaper on Android

Have some down time? Trying to look busy? Enjoy some gaming experience with this app. It gives you a net, basketball, and a court. You can take it from there.

5. NBA Jam on Android or iPhone

If you can’t seem to get enough basketball, try playing it as a classic arcade game with the NBA Jam app. This app is simply tons and tons of fun. 'Nuf said.



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