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Basketball shooting drill

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Basketball shooting drill

Your coach will most likely give you a basketball shooting drill to practice with until you are able to perfect your basketball shooting skills and abilities. As your shooting skills improve you will begin to learn how to successfully follow through with basketball layups and other more difficult maneuvers. Your coach will begin you with easy basketball plays in the beginning, then move you to more difficult plays as you show the skills and abilities needed for each level of play. A good portion of basketball and improving individual basketball skills is mental. If you are mentally prepared you will most likely be able to take what you learned in practice and apply it successfully during a game. You, your coach and your team members know you have the skills and abilities, now you need to show you have the strength to apply. Now that you are participating in the “game” with crowds of people cheering you on, you want to make certain you have the mental clarity and control to follow through with the moves you have improved during practice. You must KNOW every move, be prepared for anything the opposing team may have prepared to slip you up, and be ready to follow through with both offensive and defensive actions as they may apply during the game. You must realize at all times during the game that you are skilled, talented and you have moves and abilities that they are not aware of because you have been practicing and perfecting all your skills. There is nothing that they can say or do to slip you up, because mentally you are prepared, concentrating on the job and hand, and they don’t have the control you do.



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