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basketball practice plan

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basketball practice plan

Each team must have a basketball practice plan to successfully carry through with and perfecting the skills of each player and the team’s unity on the court. Each player will need to perfect their offensive and defensive skills to be prepared for any and all “attacks” on the court from the other team. One of the first and foremost fundamental skills which require perfecting is dribbling. Without the skills to dribble and keep your dribbling controlled and concise, you will find yourself in a bit of trouble on the court – both against the other players and the referees whom watch for illegal dribbling, carrying the ball and so on. Each player will need to learn and perfect the control they have over the ball, placement and speed of the ball as you dribble down the court to set up for a shot. You will want to practice and perfect these points while using each hand. If you are right handed your control and skills with the right hand will be easier to hone in, but don’t forget the left hand. If you are able to get as good or nearly as good skills, control and speed with your left hand as well, you will probably catch the other team unaware and it will be harder for them to defend against you. The coach will most certainly have each team member participate drills which will improve and perfect each players basketball dribbling skills.



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