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Easy basketball plays

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Easy basketball plays

Every basketball player and team must practice to improve their skills. When you begin playing with a team the coach teaches easy basketball plays and basketball shooting techniques. These are the fundamentals of the game and the better you are at these, the better you will be both on the court and improving your personal skills and abilities. If you want to improve you basketball shooting skills, you will definitely want to work on each basketball shooting drill that your coach has you practice. Once practice technique you may want to try is: Place your body a few feet from the basket, stand with feet shoulder width apart and as if you are prepared to jump, one foot slight forward of the other and knees slightly bent, most of your weight should be on the balls of your feet, square your shoulders with the basket and keep your head upright. Place the basketball in your power hand up with arm bent at a ninety degree angle and your other hand as support in front of your face and proceed to shoot and release the ball using the technique to flicking your wrist and pushing your arm up to force the ball out of your hand to the basket. You must practice this move and perfect it before you are able to learn basketball layups. Basketball layups also take a lot of time to learn and perfect which includes dribbling, moving your feet and shooting in a precise, consistent and accurate manner.



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