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Basketball defenses'

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Basketball defenses'

Basketball defenses are a key point to protecting the ball in any game. The coach must take into consideration their players, when and what kind of defense works best for each player and the team as a unit. During basketball training drills the coach observes each player, their skill level and abilities then he/she will decide the best placement for each team member. The coach will also work with each player to strengthen their skills and abilities individual and improve each player’s ability to both stay consistent with a defense and be able to “change it up” to fit the needs of the situations on the court as the need arises. All players will practice and perfect the basketball defense drill that best suits their skill and ability level. The coach will have the defensive team members work with the individual defensive drills that best suit the player’s abilities and skill level until they have each particular defensive move down and can carry out those actions without a second thought. Each member of the team must concentrate, work hard and carry out the prescribed moves in unity with their other team member. The more you and your team members work together, practice and perfect their individual and whole unit ability to work together in perfect “sink”, the higher “score” you may receive.



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