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Learning to Improve Your Basketball Jump

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Learning to Improve Your Basketball Jump

It is very important to be able to jump high when playing basketball. You will want to learn how to jump higher in basketball to improve your game. There are several different ways to do this, but the main one is by training your leg muscles to improve your jump.

One easy way to improve your vertical jump is by performing exercises known as jumping drills. You do not want to do the same exercise over and over again. This will quit working to improve your skills after a bit. That is why drills are the best way to go. You do several different exercises switching back and forth between them during your workout session. You will want to repeat these everyday for the best results. Always make sure you stretch well before and after your plyometrics basketball workout. This will help your jumping as well.

One of the best jumping exercises is squat jumps. You simply squat down to the ground and then jump up as high as you can over and over. You will want to swing your arms with this to help you along the way. Jumping up on a box that is tall and then back down to the floor is also a great exercise. Think of other ways that will improve jumping and get started on your circuit workouts daily.



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