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Basketball defense drills

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Basketball defense drills

Basketball defense drills are an important part of the sport. Without defense the other team players will walk all over you on the court. Basketball training drills are how you become a better basketball defense player. Protect your team and the ball by practicing your basketball training drills every day. During your training drills commit, defend, guard, penetrate, get tough and keep your hands up when you shoot. One of the first drills you will want to master is the one-on-one drill, practice alternate defensive moves to guard against the multitudes of offensive plays. When playing one-on-one you will want to stay alert, keep moving and be difficult for the other team members to screen you. Defenders must maintain contact on block outs be aggressive and block every shot. When the opponent shoots and then rebounds the defender must be ready to take possession of the ball, do not allow a second or third shot. The basketball defender must should be within touching distance of the offensive player, have a low stance, keep his arms and hands close to his mid-section, keep your feet ready and stable, and be prepared to play tough man-to-man defense.



2/22/2011 9:29:00 AM
benny lomboy said:

this is a very interesting drill

Thanks. I like it alot


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