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Fake Spin, Drop Step - Inverted Post Position

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Fake Spin, Drop Step - Inverted Post Position

Another effective move from the Inverted Post Position is the fake spin/drop step. Again, the spin move is the most explosive move from the Inverted Post Position, but after one or two "Worthy" spins, your defender is going to be wary, causing him to overplay the baseline. That's when you give him a dose of it's counter.

From the Right Side of the rim - After recieving the ball, your baseline(right) foot will again be your pivot. You're looking to the strong side of the court, which is left from this position. Ball is chined as you survey. At the right moment, you make a quick head-turn baseline, ball still chined. This quck head fake toward the baseline will get the defender thinking "baseline spin", which will open the middle of the court up for you. As soon as you head fake baseline, your "free" (left) foot will sweep around your defender, allowing for a two handed "power" dribble(see basketball terms) toward the rim. If close enough you will have a wide open lay-up/dunk, or if not a wide open hook/jump shot. Get the timing of the head fake along with the leg sweep and power dribble. This is very effective, especially if the defender has already seen a glimpse of your nasty spin move.



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