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Keep Your Bigs Happy!

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Keep Your Bigs Happy!

There is nothing worse than a guard neglecting his big men. They are your work horses. They are the ones that "have your back" whenever you get beat off the dribble. They grab the rebounds that lead to your fast breaks. They are the ones that finish around the rim when you penetrate and dish. For all this hard work, you MUST reward them with some looks down low.

Also, if a big man catches it down low, tries to make a move, then passes it back out, go right back down to him every once in a while. This lets him know that he can repost to get better position without having to worry about never getting the ball back from you(Shaq is a master at this). What happens too often, is a big man will turn into a "black-hole" when he gets the ball, because he never thinks he'll get it back once it leaves his hand. Trust your big man, soon after, your big man will trust you and he will not "force" the action down low. He will be patient, and will make the best "play" for you and your team. The big man/guard relationship is very important to team chemistry and success.



12/18/2010 6:10:33 PM
Z said:

I am an actual basketball currently in 7th grade, and I know that is very young, but i believe this a great point I know that one of my team's posts always keeps the ball when given it. Now this is a problem when they don't have the shot and won't pass off. So my team and I are working on the chemistry between passing back at the right times and at the right times shooting. This tip is amazing really is true.

12/19/2010 11:07:43 PM
Brian said:

It will come. Passing the ball is contagious, just look at who ever Steve Nash plays with. Even guys like Quentin Richardson, Tim Thomas, and Leandro Barbosa pass the ball when playing with him. It's very contagious, in a good way.


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