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Fake Spin - Back to the Basket

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Fake Spin - Back to the Basket

After mastering the spin move, the more efficient, fake spin move can be utilized. When playing against a new defender, I always start off with the spin move, allowing for the fake spin the rest of the game. Once a defender gets beat by the spin move, he's always aware of it. Even if I don't get by the defender with the spin, just showing the quickness of it keeps him off balance and allows me to use the fake spin more effectively. The start of the move is set up just like the actual spin move. Instead of slipping the backfoot behind the defender for a pivot, the right foot is instead going to be your explosion point.

Breakdown going to the left: Again, the head is looking over the left shoulder. Instead of dipping to the left, the head will make a quick half spin toward the right, before turning back to it's original position. More than any other move, the head-fake is of utmost importance. The defender will immediately think spin when he see's the head turn toward the right, even though no other part of the body moves in that direction. The shoulders stay square until you explode left. When that happens you will duck your left shoulder around the defender. The ball is being dribbled just like the spin move. When you're about to complete the fake spin, the ball should be at it's peak. With this move the ball will never switch hands, making it a much easier move to master. The footwork is the exact opposite of the spin. DON'T slip your back foot, instead explode with the right foot by pushing off, exploding to the left. Your left foot will be your pivot foot.

This move is an easy move to master. The difficulty is more above the shoulders. Concentrate on timing the head fake, developing your quickest half head spin, and then exploding off your right foot. Again, mastering the spin move is the key to it's counter, the fake spin. Do that, and the defender is yours.



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