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Spin Move - Back to the Basket

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Spin Move - Back to the Basket

This is a great move against body-to-body contact, or if a defender is playing overly aggressive defense on you while your dribbling the ball. It is a very difficult move to master, but once you do, it will open your game up to all kinds of possibilities, believe me. With the spin move I usually invite body contact with the defender. I WANT the contact for two reasons: 1) I want the defender to get comfortable. Sometimes I bump him twice, so it seems almost rythmic. 2) I also want to use the defender's own body as a PIVOT POINT. A pivot point is simply a point of contact that you spin off of.

Here's a breakdown of the move spinning to the right: Your head is looking over your left shoulder, surveying the court. When you actually make the move, you will make an inward head-fake before quickly spinning the opposite direction. The ball is being dribbled with your right hand as you survey. As you make the head fake to the left, you will also make a hard dribble inwards, making the defender think the opposite. As the ball makes it's way up off the floor, that's when the spin occurs, so your left hand will recieve it as the spin happens. The footwork is again, the most important aspect of the move and also the most difficult, but be patient, it will be worth it. The key is to "slip" your back foot(right foot in this case) around the defender's base. Notice how I said "slip". You wanna sneak the right foot back in a sweeping motion, getting the foot as far back around the defender as you can. This is the secret to this move. Your right foot, now on the outside of the defender, is going to be your pivot foot. Placing your foot back here allows for proper spin balance and also allows you to get around the defender easier after the spin is complete(because the pivot foot is now on the outside of the defender). The left foot is again going to be your explosion point for the move. As you duck inward(to the left), your left foot should explode the opposite away, pushing you toward the right, spinning you around your pivot foot. Again, this is where the quickness of the move is created, from your explosion point. Push east-west, spinning around the defender and then go north-south.

Alot goes into this move, but if mastered the spin will be lightning quick and will have defenders completely off balance. This move should be worked on equally from both sides. Get the footwork down first, then work on the head and shoulder action.



4/27/2011 11:35:54 AM
kadyn lamb said:

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~Take a look at the Drills on this site and it will give you a great head start
Coach Lok

7/16/2011 9:16:55 PM
Chong Xu said:

hey do u happen to have a link to a video that shows this


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