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In-and-Out Dribble

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In-and-Out Dribble

The in/out move is a staple of Tony Parker's game, using it most often in fast break situations. It is a highly effective counter move to the crossover dribble, as you basically start the crossover before keeping the dribble on the original side. This move is sold with your head, hands, and feet. You must master each of these to have an effective in/out move, but when mastered, will devastate a defender who's looking for your crossover.

Here's a breakdown going to the right: The head is going to make a quick glance inside, making the defender think crossover. The dribble should initially start like a crossover, going in the left direction, but instead of completing the crossover, you quickly cup the left side of the ball with you right hand, bringing the ball back to the right side of your body. Because your hand is on the top-left of the ball, this is not a carry. If it goes underneath, you will most likely be called for a carry. The footwork should also start off like a crossover, but as you bring the ball back to your right side, your left foot will plant, and explode to the right.

The key is timing the head fake, with the ball reversal, with your explosion. Getting all of these on the same page will make for a smooth in/out move. Once perfected, you will lose very little momentum and should be able to blow right by the defender with this move.



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