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The Bounce Pass

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The Bounce Pass

The bounce pass is very effective in tight situations, in heavy traffic, or against an aggresive defense. One of my high school coaches actually banned the bounce pass saying, "It's two passes. One hitting the floor, the other to your teammate." Needless to say, we didn't see eye-to-eye on this and other issues, and he didn't keep his job very long with nuggets of wisdom like that.

The biggest advantage a good bounce pass offers is that it hits the floor at the feet of the defender, making it difficult for the defender to get his hands on the ball. Steve Nash uses the bounce pass more than any player I know of, usually in the screen-and-roll situation, or when he's penetrating and dishing. Again, the bounce pass goes where the defense isn't, also making a very catchable pass for your teammate as he can see the pass coming off the floor, and softly into his/her hands.



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