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Post-Entry Pass

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Post-Entry Pass

The post entry pass is any pass that goes down to a player who is posting up a defender. The post entry pass is a highly undeveloped skill that, if done INcorrectly, will cost your team possessions, get you benched by your coach, and will seriously irritate your big man who worked so hard to get his post position in the first place.

The biggest mistake players make is telegraphing the pass, or letting the defense know what you want to do well before you actually do it. When your big man is ready for the ball he will hold is hand out to tell you where he wants it. When this happens, you not only have to worry about the defender on his back, but also your defender, both of whom want the ball that you possess. This is when you implement one of my basics of offensive basketball. "Show the defender the exact opposite of what you want to do".

Example. If your big man wants the ball high and away, fake a pass down low and then quickly pass the ball over the top, hitting the target your big man has given you. If he wants the ball low and away, show the exact opposite. Fake a pass high and then quickly give him a low, bounce pass away from his defender. It's that simple. Always show the opposite of what you actually want to do.



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