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The Stutter-Butters

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The Stutter-Butters

This is a great counter move once you've mastered the stutter step. In this move, you are essentially selling the stutter step to the defense, then setting yourself up for the wide open jump shot.

Here's a breakdown going to the right: Same set-up and execution as stutter step(see stutter step in this section). Once you have taken your first dribble and first step toward the rim, you make a quick stop, pushing back off of your lead right foot. At the same time you go between the legs, crossing the ball back to your left hand. Now the ball is in your left shooting pocket. Now comes the "butters" part. Pull up and drain the wide open jump shot. I usually do this move after I've beaten a defender off the dribble a few times. He's gonna overplay the drive, and because it is essentially the same move as the stutter step(up until the last moment), he is going to be on his heels, leading to a wide open jumper for yourself. Practice over and over so that when you stop and crossover, the ball is in your shooting pocket, which will allow you to get the shot off much quicker and with greater ease.



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