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Triple Threat - Inverted Post Position

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Triple Threat - Inverted Post Position

The strength of the Inverted Post Position is that it allows the offensive player to take advantage of the defense in so many different ways. How the defense plays you is gonna dictate how you attack from this position. As you catch the ball, the defense will either play body-to-body, or they will keep you at arm's length. If they go body-to-body, you will either use a "Worthy" spin move, as described in this tip section, or you can go to the normal ground-and-pound post position that Barkley made famous in the 80's and 90's, where you open up in a wide stance and take various power dribbles to get in better position.'

What if the defense doesn't play you body-to-body? That is another beauty of the Inverted Post Position, if the defense is not playing physical, tight, low post defense, then with a quick, extended jab step, you will find yourself in perfect triple threat position.

Again, here's a breakdown from the right side of the rim: As described before, the Inverted Post Position would call for you right, baseline foot to act as your pivot. The defense is playing at arm's length, so the "Worthy" spin move is not an option. Instead, with the ball tucked to your hip, you sell the inside drive by tucking your head and shoulders, and using a quick, but strong jab step to the inside. The key is to swing far enough inside that after the jab step, you will be in perfect Triple Threat Position. From there, you can either pop the short jump shot, or shot fake and drive to the rim. Again, how the defense plays you is gonna dictate how you attack.



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