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Spin Move - Inverted Post Postition

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Spin Move - Inverted Post Postition

One of they key advantages of the Inverted Post Position is it opens the baseline up to a "James Worthy" spin move. Pau Gasol is a current player who has added this spin move to his game in recent years.

Again, catching the ball on the right side of the rim, the Inverted Post Position calls for your baseline foot(your right foot) to be your pivot. As you extend your left foot to recieve the post pass, you immediately move backwards until you feel contact from the defender. The more aggresive the defender is at this point, the more susceptible to the spin he is, because you are going to use the defender's own body as a pivot point, spinning off of him as you go baseline. As you feel this body contact, you will dip your head and shoulder inside(showing the defender the opposite as usual), while at the same time making a quick jab with your left foot. You then take the momentum of this inside move to push off, using the left foot as your explosion point toward the baseline, spinning you around on your right pivot foot. Footwork is of extreme importance, as it is with all post moves, but especially with the "Worthy" spin. As you use your set-up jab to the inside, make sure not to bring your left foot too far inside, or you will have too far of a distance to spin baseline to make it effective. Short jab, explode baseline, and then posterize somebody.



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