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Crossover (Behind the Back)

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Crossover (Behind the Back)

This is my crossover of choice. For one, it is a natural counter to the stutter step, which is one of my favorite off the dribble moves, but also, it is the most difficult crossover to steal because the ball is never in arms reach until the crossover is already completed. The move is an extremely advanced, difficult move to master, but again, once mastered, it will make a deadly counter to the stutter step.

Here's a breakdown from right to left: I like to start the move off exactly like the stutter step(see stutter step). At the point when you would normally blow by your opponent with the stutter, you instead use your right foot to plant, and explode to the left, at the same time, you are making a low dribble directly behind your back, and up into your left hand. The key to a quick behind-the-back crossover is the direction of the dribble itself. Say the basket is North, and your left is West, the dribble itself would be in a North-West direction. If you just go East-West, it takes away from it's effectiveness, so put in the time to get a low, North-West dribble, as close to your heel as possible. This is where the difficulty comes in, getting this low, behind the back dribble that doesn't stop your momentum toward the basket. Master this, along with the stutter step, and you will be a nightmare for defenses.



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