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Fast Break Principles

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Fast Break Principles

A good fast break is an organized offensive attack from the point of possession. The fast break should lead to quick and easy shot opportunities. Keep the pressure on the defense by having an early offense(also called a "secondary break") that the fast break flows into. The early offense should lead into whatever offensive attack your team is running. Some general guidelines are listed to make your offense a quick-hitting, high-scoring machine.

To start the fast break, all five defensive players must rebound, then turn away from the defense to pass the ball up the floor. If the passer is not able to throw the outlet, he could clear to the sidelines with a couple of dribbles, if necessary, and then pass it.

The other player should run the floor in wide fast break lanes. Throw the ball ahead if someone is open, then attack the basket and look for your shot. Other players should cut to the basket. If no one is open, swing the ball to the other side of the floor and make cuts according to your early offense. A good suggestion for what shots to look for are (in order):

  1. Uncontested layup
  2. Uncontested mid-range jumper
  3. Contested power shot close to the basket
  4. Uncontested three-point shot, if you have rebound position
If none of the above presents itself, look to flow into your designated offense.



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