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Up the Coaching Ladder

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Up the Coaching Ladder

Too many coaches want to move up to a higher level of coaching much too quickly. Maybe a lower-level job in a good program and working with a good coach is better than having the title of "varsity assistant." Your job as an assistant coach or as a freshman or JV coach is to make the players better within the system the varsity coach has provided. Showing a united front and working in the system is the best if you want referral from your head coach, so work on doing a good job for him. Show that you are capable, and be trustworthy, loyal, and hard-working and the head coach will give you more responsibility.

Wait until you're ready. Who you are working for is of major importance. Where will you learn more? The key is to acquire, utilize, and demonstrate knowledge of the game, and then convey that eloquently and with enthusiasm in your next interview as you attempt to move up the ladder. Most of all, you need to develop tremendous people skills. A large portion of the job is outside the lines. Get prepared, and then your time will come! Good Luck!



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