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Develop an Offensive Philosophy

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Develop an Offensive Philosophy

Ask yourself these questions: with the type of players on the team, should you play fast or slow? Should you be inside- or outside-oriented, or maybe a combination of both? Do you want to be play-oriented, pattern-oriented, or would you like a more freelance offense?

You might want to develop a situation/reaction offense that counters your opponent's defensive strategies. A number of websites and books have diagrams of various offenses such as "Passing Game," "Swing," "Shuffle," “Princeton,” "Flex," "UCLA High Post," "Mover/Blocker," "Wheel," "Mixer," "Triangle," "Read and React," et cetera. Whatever offense you run, you must have:

1. Bust outs (ways to get open, create a lead pass, and begin the offense)

2. Multiple option entries

3. Ball reversal to a layup

4. Special plays

5. Counters

6. Inside attack

Really study the options, examine what you believe works, get your team to believe in it, teach precision, and demand excellence. Then, you are sure to be a success.



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