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Save Time on Offense

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Save Time on Offense

When you're behind late in the contest, you need to be thinking of ways to extend the game. To do that, use strategies to create more possessions. You may need to play a little faster than usual. This does not mean that you should play out of control, but rather with a greater sense of urgency. Every second that you save may be the crucial second that you need to make that last-second shot. You should pass or dribble up the court quickly, rather than walk the basketball up the floor. It is not always necessary to take quick perimeter shots. Instead, drive to the basket and make the opponent defend. Their coach has probably been telling them not to foul. You may get quick and easy scores and if they do foul, you can put points on the board while the clock is stopped.

After made baskets by the opponent, get the ball back inbounds quickly. On throw-ins when the clock is stopped, if there is no defense, let the ball roll up the court (since the clock does not start until the ball is touched). The more often that you can stop the clock, the better. Score and call time out. Substitute after your free throws to set your defense. When the opponent is taking his time getting the ball in, coaches can use time-outs after made baskets to stop the clock.



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