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Be aware of how your team responds to time-outs. Many players look at it as a time to panic if the coach calls a quick time-out as soon as something goes wrong. Then they begin to search for things to go wrong. In some situations, it's better to let players work things out on the court on their own and learn to self-correct some of the problems. Also, it's nice to have a couple of those time-outs left at the end of a close game in case you need them.

Establish a routine during time-outs so that players know exactly how to act when a time-out is called. Make sure that routine allows them to have a drink, recover, and get organized so that you have their undivided attention. When you're talking, maintain eye contact with the athletes. If you're addressing one in particular, make sure you regain everyone's attention before you talk to the group again. Limit your time-outs to one or two major points (more than that may be too much for the players to remember) and be clear and concise. Finally, try to provide solutions, rather than simply telling players what might be going wrong. Players are already aware of problems, so give them the means to avoid making the same mistakes!



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