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Fouls & Free Throws

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Fouls & Free Throws Tip: Follow these basketball tips to learn the freethrow: 1. If you are right-handed, line up your right foot (left foot if you are left handed) so it's lined up with the front center of the rim 2. Set up your opposite foot, comfortably at about a 45 degree angle for balance. 3. Get a good feel for the ball by bouncing it a couple of times or spinning it in your hands. This will become your routine. 4. Grip the ball so it is comfortable in your shooting hand. 5. Bend your knees, focus on the rim and exhale. Make sure to take a deep breath to relax. 6. In a fluid motion, shoot from wherever you feel comfortable shooting from with your shooting hand only. 7. Grip the ball with just your fingertips. Your palms should not touch the ball. 8. Make sure you have a constant relaxed follow thru so you get proper rotation. Once you have established a routine, use it every time.



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