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The 17-Sprint Drill

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What is the 17 sprint drill?

The 17-Sprint Drill

For the 17-sprint drill, you begin on the sideline and sprint to the opposite sideline. You repeat the drill for a total of 17 sprints. Across and back equals two sprints, so you will finish on the opposite side where you started. After you rest for two to three minutes, you perform another set of 17 sprints.



10/23/2008 4:08:40 PM
SBM said:

We do this in our practices.They are called sweeet-sixteens, they are really hard but pay off in the third quarter when you are running over the other team.

10/12/2009 5:27:02 AM
jessica said:

I coach 10 and 11 year old boys.. so my question is how many would you suggest them to do

10/17/2009 5:43:49 PM
Brian said:

At 10 and 11, I wouldn't recommend doing too many. It's good to introduce them to drills such as this, but by NO means should you overdue it. Basketball should be 90% fun at this age, 10% work. So use drills like this in moderation.


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