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Is there a way to get my lay-up right?


Footwork needs to be "automatic" for high percentage success in lay-ups, which means many, many hours of practice. Jump off the left foot for a right handed lay-up, and vice versa. Aim for the box and when you go for a layup, don´t spin the ball off your fingers. This happens when you turn your wrist during the release of your shot. By spinning it, you have a better chance of the ball rimming-out! Keep your wrist stiff as you release the ball, extend as far as possible to get a high percentage shot. This shot must be mastered to play any form of basketball from rec to pro.



9/6/2006 1:26:37 PM
bball89 said:

good tip, watch were you put the ball, dont just throw it up. its like doing a free throw and looking at the back of the rim. Look at the square on the backboard when taking a layup.


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