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Coaches like...

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What kind of player do coaches like?

Coaches like...

Coaches like a person who: 1) can dribble with both hands 2) doesn´t try to show off for no reason 3) isn´t afraid to make the extra pass to get a teammate more open than you are. And if coaches like you, then they tell other coaches. Word spreads very quickly and just by doing the little things you can have a name for yourself in no time.



8/5/2006 1:41:26 PM
brooke said:

this drill is usful in many ways, but remeber when you are doing what the coaches want keep in mind you have to impress them once in a while.

6/17/2010 5:43:34 PM
someone said:


8/24/2010 11:17:25 AM
i said:



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