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Stealing The Ball

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I am just starting to play basketball and I have been having a problem getting the ball from the other team when they are dribbling. If you have any tips or suggestions please help me. Thank you.

Stealing The Ball

Stealing the ball, or taking it away from the offensive player, is a tough task to pull off without fouling. This takes quick hands, good timing and good footwork. A skilled ball handler will protect the ball from the defender when he/she is dribbling. The main object as a defender is to be in good position at all times. Steals will come, especially with experience. But, you shouldn't concentrate on this one task, it will take away from the rest of your defending.



12/11/2011 7:05:17 AM
van helsing said:

It is very hard to steal ball from opposition but with good skills and timing,one can be a good defender


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