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Penetrating The Double Team

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I am looking for moves to penetrate the double team.

Penetrating The Double Team

If you want to penetrate the double team, ball security is key, as it usually is. You want to use either a strong dribble or a strong step though to get by a double team. If a big man is involved in the double team, attack the Big Man's outside foot. Use your quickness to get around him. Use strong ball fakes and strong dribbles to get by a double if the immediate pass is not available.



4/12/2008 2:28:57 AM
Wolthuis said:

You can also beat a double team by beating them to the sport that they are trying to cut you off from. If you get there first they cannot take it away from you.

Think it should be beating them to the spot

11/8/2011 4:04:33 PM
duckie said:

keep trying dont give up!


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