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In-Bound For Two!

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I am looking for a good end line play for an under 12 boys team - do you have any suggestions?

In-Bound For Two!

Looking for a good play for in-bounding the ball under the basket?

Assuming they are playing a man-to-man defense, a successful play starts by lining up your four players in a box formation: two down low and two up high, by the free through line (with your fifth man in-bounding the ball).

Start by having the two low players run the following: the man in front of player out of bounds sets a pick for other low player, and that player crosses over for the shot. This is option #1, but you usually won't get the shot because the defensemen will switch – which is OK because the guy you are actually looking for is the one who set the screen.

The player who sent the screen will pivot so that his defender is now behind him and he can get the pass for an easy lay-up, this is option #2, and usually the most effective.

If these two options don't work, the two guys up top delay to allow this to unfold and then run the same play with the goal of just getting the ball in bounds, a good option #3.



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