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Basketball Coaching Accessories - Beyond Whistles and Markerboards

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How can I find the basketball coaching accessory that that fits my coaching style?

Basketball Coaching Accessories - Beyond Whistles and Markerboards

Over time, coaching accessories have ranged from a pad of paper to draw up plays on to a towel to chew on the let your players know how you are feeling about their performance. Every coach seems to find the right basketball accessories for their style of coaching. How can you find yours? The greatest coaches carefully examine their own coaching style and choose their coaching accessories accordingly. If you are an aggressive motivator, but you like to keep your voice, a megaphone can be a very effective accessory. If you have a more soft spoken style, a whistle would suffice. The key is to look at the coach you want to be, and the right coaching accessories will come to you. And of course, don't forget to choose the most important basketball coaching accessories very carefully; your assistant coaches.



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