July 22, 2005, Newsletter Issue #220: DRIBBLING MOVES

Tip of the Week

#1: Crossover
Dribble up to defender about 3` away. Execute a QUICK hop stop, and crossover dribble low to the other hand. The dribble must be LOWER and CLOSER to your body than the other dribbles. If the ball is in your right hand when crossing over, your left foot should drop while your right foot goes with the ball across your body. By this time, you should be by the defender. Then crossover back to the right. The move is opposite with left hand.

# 2: Inside Out
When dribbling with the right hand, fake to left with left foot and fake the dribble to the left, then bring your hand on the INSIDE half of the ball, keep it in the same hand and explode to the basket. The move is opposite with left hand.

# 3: Stutter Step
The stutter step is made by dribbling up to the defender about 3` away and make the move. The move is made by dribbling up making sure not to allow the ball to get too high then making 4 QUICK choppy steps and then exploding past the defender. The move is opposite with left hand.

# 4: Hesitation
The move is made about 3 ` away from the defender. Dribble up making sure not to allow the ball to get too high, stop, but keep the dribble alive. Your weight is on the left foot, rock back to the fight foot and explode past the defender. Vice versa when using left hand.

#5: Stutter crossover
This move is made by combining the stutter and crossover moves. Stutter first then Crossover.

# 6: Reverse Pivot (spin dribble)
When making this move with the right hand, your left foot should be straight in front of the defender`s right foot. Pivot on your left and rub against the defender`s right Shoulder and drive to the basket. The ball should stay in your right hand for one extra dribble. The move is opposite with left hand.

# 7: Between the legs
When you start your dribble between the legs, the left foot should be in front. Execute a QUICK hop stop and dribble the ball from front to back between your legs. After the ball goes through the legs, the right foot drives by or around the defender. The move is opposite with left hand.

# 8: Behind the Back
When you begin to dribble behind the back, if the ball is in your right hand, you should be stepping with your left foot around the defender. Opposite with left hand.

Make each move from a position outside the 3-pt arc. Always start on the right side. Make the move to the basket. Use the moves with lay ups, power lay up and jump shots, rebound, dribble out and make the same move out to the other side. Repeat. When using with jump shots take 1 or 2 dribbles by the defender before shooting. Make the moves at GAME speed.

*** You can then do these moves at the top of the key, using right and left hand.

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