August 6, 2004, Newsletter Issue #174: REMEDY YOUR SHOT

Tip of the Week

Some general remedies can get a shooter headed in the right direction. If the shot is short or long, the angle of release, or ARC, needs to be adjusted. An ideal arc is somewhere between 55 and 65 degrees, dependent on what shooting expert you listen too. A flat shot, sometimes has poor rotation and will not be a very "soft" shot. A higher arc gives gravity some time to slow the shot down and the shot will bounce around the rim and get a "shooter`s bounce"

The elbow is very important in the whole process. Be certain to work on the release of the basketball being upward not outward. If the elbow is bent more than 90 degrees the shot has a tendency to be hard and flat. The elbow should finish high and above the ear with a relaxed FOLLOW THRU of the wrist. Concentrate on the index finger and the middle finger of the shooting hand touching the ball last to get a nice smooth backspin on the basketball.

Missing shots consistently, to the left or right can indicate poor body alignment. The toe, elbow, and wrist on the shooting side should be pointed at the rim throughout the shot. Another probable cause is the off hand "dragging" on the ball, or being used to help propel the ball. The off hand is merely a guide to help the ball rest on the shooting hand and should not be actively involved in the shooting process.

Finally, the most important aspect is to SEE THE RIM. When shooting any shot, your eyes must be on your target through the entire shooting process. On any shot, you want to focus on an exact spot on the rim. Some players see the front of the rim, some look at the back. Find what is good for you and look at that spot every time that you shoot.

The eyes and the brain are amazing things. If we maintain proper form and focus with our eyes, the brain will direct the body to shoot the basketball right where we want it to go.

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