April 16, 2004, Newsletter Issue #158: TOP FORTY Most Common Complaints Against Basketball Coaches From Parents

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Top Forty Most Common Complaints Against Basketball Coaches From Parents
1. Why doesn`t my kid ever get a chance to play? (The coach watches the player play everyday in practice but, the parent doesn`t consider that a chance.)
2. We feel like the coach is picking on my kid. (This is a classic - everyone feels that they are the only one getting yelled at.)
3. I`ve got a kid that used to love basketball but now he`s talking about quitting. (Usually applies to a player who had a history of starting and/or playing most of the time before but now isn`t playing much.)
4. Why is my kid not getting much playing time? He is better than almost all of those other kids!
5. Why is my kid not starting, he was an all-star every year up until now?
6. Why is my kid not starting, he was on an AAU team that went to the nationals?
7. The coach is killing my kid’s confidence. (Usually applies especially if their kid played well at the last level they played at but is not playing well now.)
8. My kid doesn`t get to play because of politics. We just don`t have big money.
9. The coach already has his team. He plays favorites.
10. The coach takes out my kid after one mistakes every time and not the other players. (It`s amazing how many kids think that this only happens to them on the same team).
11. The coach isn’t playing my kid with the right combination of players. (Usually applies especially if their kid is getting playing time but not playing well).
12. The players have talent but the coach doesn`t know how to use them. (Usually used against a coach who has talented but individualistic players).
13. The schedule is too weak! (Usually used against a coach if their team loses quickly in the tournament).
14. Look at the record. They don’t win enough. (Usually used against a coach that sets up a demanding schedule.
15. The coach allows the kids to shoot too many threes (Especially applies, if their kid is a post player).
16. The coach doesn’t allow the kids to shoot any threes (Especially applies, if their kid is a guard).
17. The coach should play the young kids (Usually applies especially if their kid is young).
18. The coach should play the older kids (Usually applies especially if their kid is older).
19. My kid comes out of the game and nobody tells him what he did wrong. How can he get better?
20. The coach has them do too much in the off-season "that`s why they`re burned out".
21. The coach doesn`t have them do enough in the off-season "he`s not developing the talent".
22. They don`t lift enough weights - Look how skinny the players are.
23. They lift too many weights – it hurts their shot (especially if they are not shooting well)
24. They are not playing as a team. (Applies especially if their kid isn`t getting very many shots).
25. We need nicer uniforms (or warm ups, or team trips, or…etc.).
26. Why do we have to do all of this fundraising?
27. I gave all this money and time to the Booster Club and my kid still isn`t playing?
28. My kid is a "Good Kid" and should be playing in front of those problematic kids.
27. This coach can`t win the big one!
29. The team has "no discipline". He’s too nice a guy.
30. The coach is a “tyrant”. The kids are playing scared.
31. Practices are closed. What does the coach have to hide?
32. The coach doesn`t know how to use time-outs.
33. The coach told my kid not to play another sport.
34. The team doesn’t fast break enough. (Again, usually if their kid is a guard)
35. The team is out of control. They need to set it up and get good shots (Again, usually if their kid is a post player)
36. My kid should be on the varsity. Look at how well he’s playing on the JV team. (Apparently forgetting that it is against JV players)
37. My kid should have stayed on the JV team. He’s only a sub on the varsity.
38. My kid should be getting more shots. He’s always open. ( Without realizing that there is usually a reason that he is always open)
39. My kid should be getting more shots. How is he going to get a scholarship taking so few shots? (Usually spoken by a parent who wants their kid to be ALL-STATE more than he wants your team to WIN THE STATE.)
40. The coach is aloof and does not communicate with the parents at all. (Forgetting that most conversations are about any or all of the above – is it any wonder?)

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