June 13, 2003, Newsletter Issue #114: DENIAL DEFENSE

Tip of the Week

Strong Side(or ball side) Denial
Denying the entry pass you should always be able to see your man and the ball. When your man is 1 pass away, you can deny the player from getting the ball by being in a defensive triangle position with you, the ball and your man. Flatten out the triangle, with you at the center point of the triangle. Try to get a hand in the passing lane(straight line between the ball and your man). Position your head with your `chin to your shoulder` so that you can see man and ball with your peripheral vision. Then slide up and back with your man, keeping that triangle position, staying between him and the basket.

Low Post Denial
Low Post Defense-ball above the Free throw line
If the ball is above the free throw line extended(imaginary line extending from the free throw line to the sideline), then you should deny on the high side. You should be chest to chest with the post player with your arm closest to the ball in the passing lane.
Low post defense-ball is below the free throw line
If the ball is below the free throw line try to get around the post player and "Full Front". Your teammates will need to help you on any lob pass. The post player probably is not going to want you in this position, so it is a constant fight for position between the post player and defender. Be active and try to AVOID contact. The post player will have more trouble "pinning" you in a position where they can receive the ball.
Low Post Defense-hes pushed you out
The low post player might try to push you out after you "full front". If you get out too far you can release and get behind so that your feet are OUTSIDE of the key. Now you are between him and the basket and have him 12-15 away. You may be allowing him to get the ball but this makes it a tough shot for the offense and you have rebounding position.

Penetrating passes inside the 3 point line
We want to deny all passes that are threatening (or to the basket) and inside the 3 point line. We will not deny passes away from the basket, as they do not hurt you and give you time to reset your defense. This is a more conservative defense and may not create many turnovers, but will not give up many easy shote either.

When determining what passes you want to deny, take into consideration your teams ability and adjust your goals accordingly.

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