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Flexibility - The Key to Jumping Higher

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Will flexibility help me jump higher?

Flexibility - The Key to Jumping Higher

Often overlooked as a factor in leaping ability is a player's flexibility. Jumping high is based on the elasticity of your muscles and tendons. Without extreme flexibility, you will never jump as high as you could with proper training. Be sure that before you practice you employ a series of stretching drills to help with your flexibility. Basic hamstring and quadricep stretches can be done in just a few minutes either standing or seated on the floor. There are also many basketball training accessories now available to provide you with a stringent warm-up routine for flexibility. Take advantage of these to increase your flexibility and increase your jump.



12/18/2010 5:18:20 AM
JOE pak said:

This is very very important for trining High jump and it is avery special Sport metod


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