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How to Impress Your Friends with March Madness Knowledge

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How to Impress Your Friends with March Madness Knowledge

Want to impress your friends or coworkers with your March Madness expertise this year? These tips will help you come off looking like a March Madness Einstein:

Watch your teams play:

Try to watch a few of the teams you think will do well in the tournament. When brackets are released after the NCAA selection committee has chosen who has earned the 'at-large' bids in the tournament, this is your time to shine as a March Madness expert. Pick the teams you think can rise to the occasion during crunch time. Doing your research can also help you place faces with names and those names with teams. Before you know it, you'll be leading conversations around the water cooler.

Play the rankings when doing a bracket:

This is also a time where your research and work should pay off. When doing a bracket make sure you go mostly by rankings in the first round, with a few upsets such a 9 seed over an 8 seed, an 11 seed over a 6 seed and even a 12 seed over a 5 seed. Upsets happen, but the way to win a bracket pool against your friends is to win by points. Many inexperienced bracketologists will attempt too many upsets in the first round and lose out on easy points that could cost them later.

Know the Jargon:

Using terms such as 'at-large' bid, and Big Dance will show your friends and colleagues that you know your stuff when it comes to March Madness. Furthermore if you pick a team other than Duke or UConn to win the national Championship, people will see you as a NCAA expert. (These two teams are usually fan favorites.) Bracketology, is the name branded to the research of doing an actual bracket.



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