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How to Become a College Basketball Coach

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How to Become a College Basketball Coach

The competition for college basketball jobs is at its peak, more and more people are interested in joining the field but the openings are low. This article presents a unique but workable 5 step approach on becoming a college basketball coach.

1. Make 100% commitment to being a basketball coach- You can’t get a coaching job if you only do it as a second job. If you don’t truly commit yourself, your goal will always remain a dream.

2. Find a mentor who will guide you- Learn from someone who has experienced the job. It helps if you were a college player, so reach out to your old coaches and teammates.

3. Understand and work the system- Irrespective of where you worked earlier, you have to understand exactly how college basketball works especially in the region you want to get hired.

4. Stay focused on your goal- It might be particularly difficult to secure a job, but you should be relentless. Keep an eye on the goal and learn how to handle rejection.

5. Dream – Plan – WORK - The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep working, work on your training skills whenever you get a chance and keep fit.

Regardless of experience or age, this system can be very beneficial to anyone who aspires to coach a college basketball team.



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