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How Long is a Basketball Court

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How Long is a Basketball Court

Basketball courts come in different shapes and sizes. The length of a basketball court depends on where the court is located or what organization it belongs to.


Basketball courts in the NBA (National Basketball Association) measure approximately 94 feet by 50 feet. NBA courts are the largest in comparison to other courts.

International Basketball Federation

Basketball courts for the International Basketball Federation are slightly smaller than those in the NBA. The International Basketball Federation courts measure exactly 91 feet and 10.4 inches by 49 feet and 2.6 inches.

High School and Elementary School

High school courts tend to measure approximately 84 feet by 50 feet, while elementary school basketball courts are significantly smaller, measuring at 74 feet by 42 feet.

Length of Various Basketball Courts

The NBA, WNBA, and NCAA all have courts which measure 94 feet in length. FIBA (International Basketball Federation) courts measure 91.86 feet. U.S. High School courts are 84 feet in length, and U.S. Junior High School courts are 74 feet in length.



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