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Basketball Shooting Fundamentals

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Basketball Shooting Fundamentals

When it comes to getting that ball into the net, there are some basics to always keep in mind. With some basic basketball shooting fundamentals practiced, you won't be left trying to shoot and missing, rebounding of the backboard, or glancing off the basket.

1) Aim

In just about all sports, you'll need to learn how to aim your projectile at some form of target. In this case, you are aiming to get the ball into the basket (hoop). The most basic and well tried out method of doing this, is to aim for the small square on the backboard. Whether you are right in front of the hoop or you're shooting a three pointer, this fundamental always applies and can make or break your chances of scoring. When you shoot for the square, the ball should bounce down into the basket. So try not to "aim for the net", aim for the square instead.

2) Two Hands

One handed scores are flashy and great in a crunch, but they won't get you consistent points. The best way to keep your point rates going up, is to practice shooting the ball with two hands. More specifically, your hands should be on the ball with your thumbs near touching and the rest of your fingers spread out on the ball. Hold the ball over your head, just enough so that you can see what your aiming at, beneath the ball. When you shoot, you can either just try and wing the ball at the square or you can give the ball a backspin by rolling your hands down and away from the ball as you shoot it. A backspin will often give the ball just what it needs to land right and give you 'nothin but net'.

4) Distance

As a strong player, you will want to make sure you have the skills to score from anywhere. Practice your close range scores by standing as close as you can, and then backing up two steps for every shot you make. Then as you begin to build distance and consistent points, you'll want to start practicing distance and different angles. Continue to place distance between yourself and the basket, while also shooting from the left, right, center, foul zones and everywhere in between.



10/29/2011 11:55:53 PM
lalala said:

that says 1 2 4 wheres ?

12/1/2011 8:25:15 PM
Kevin said:

wheres 3

2/2/2012 12:03:35 PM
ally said:

you should never shoot with two hands ever. i dont know where anyone got this from but nobody should EVER be shooting with two hands. not only does it make you look like a fool it will make you miss


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