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All-Star Voting

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All-Star Voting

The All-Star game is right around the corner, and once again the fans are left with the responsibility of voting in the starters, and once again they make a mockery out of it. T-Mac is actually ahead of Steve Nash to start at PG in the West, even though McGrady has played like 10 minutes all season, is not even a point guard, and on top of that, is not even wanted by his current team the Rockets. Over in the East, Allen Iverson is leading vote getting at the guard position over the likes of Ray Allen and Vince Carter, again, a complete slap in the face to deserving canidates and intelligent NBA fans around the globe. I'm all for fans being a part of the voting process, but to have so much input on who starts is a joke. It's clear that fans do not have the ability to vote based on production, or how good of a season a particular player is having, instead, they vote based on reputations, which in the case of McGrady and Iverson, aren't even good ones. Some kid who owened a pair of McGrady or Iverson shoes back in the day decides he wants to see his guy on All-Star weekend, and now everyone else is stuck watching a watered down All-Star game by guys who don't even deserve to carry the luggage of guys like Nash and Allen.



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