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Manu Ginobili Out For Playoffs

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Manu Ginobili Out For Playoffs

It looks like the Spurs string of “odd year” championships has come to an end. They had won the previous three (‘03, ‘05, ‘07), along with their first title which came in ‘99. With no Ginoboli, and Duncan hobbled by a knee injury, it looks like the Lakers return to the Finals this year is probable, maybe even certain. With a healthy big three, the Spurs could’ve given Kobe and the Lakers a series, but now…it looks like a cakewalk to the Finals is in store for the Lakers. Portland now takes the title as “most likely to upset the Lakers”, but with an average age of 25, they may be too young to pull off such an upset.

While never a Spurs fan, mainly because of there “flopping” nature,(both Ginoboli and Parker are masters of this), you can’t help but to respect what they’ve done over the last ten years. Clearly they are the team of the decade, and it’s never good to see a team decimated by injuries, but that appears to be the case for the aging Spurs. I hope Ginoboli can recover from this latest injury he’s been battling since the Summer Olympics, even though he’s one of the league’s best floppers(worst depending on how you look at it), he’s still a unique, and explosive force in the NBA, and I hope I can root against him for years to come.



5/3/2009 7:00:16 PM
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8/3/2009 4:01:11 PM
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