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Synchronize Your Offense

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Synchronize Your Offense

When people think of teamwork, the first thing that comes to mind is sharing the basketball. Teamwork is so much more than that. From the simple task of setting and using screens to the complexities of a patterned offense, the players on the team need to work together, all at the same time. If one person lets up, the team will slip. "The chain is only as strong as its weakest link." "The strength of the wolf is the pack." You can say it in many different ways, but the bottom line is that every play, offense, and defense must consist of a constant and synchronized effort by all players involved.

When setting and using screens, the players must execute as if both skills are one. If a player sets a good screen but does not use it properly, the result will be unsuccessful. When setting a screen for a player, the screener should come to a stop immediately before contact with the defense in order to avoid a moving screen.

When a teammate is setting a screen for you, wait for the screener to be set. Timing is so very important; it is better to be a little late than a little early. If you move too soon, your defender may make contact with the screener before the screen is set. This could be a foul on the screener, but it would really be the "user's" fault. Plant your foot and cut off of the screen at the exact same time that the screener hop stops to set the screen.

Screens and cuts should be timed so that the player with the ball is ready to deliver the pass at the appropriate time. In order to do that, he must be looking at all of the options in the appropriate order. Only when those details are covered will the offense be truly effective.



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