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Secondary Break: An Early Offense

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Secondary Break: An Early Offense

On a fast break, a team's primary objectives should be to get:

1. an uncontested layup

2. an uncontested "power" shot (inside ten feet)

3. an uncontested jumpshot (ten-to-twenty feet)

4. an open three-point shot after a post touch or penetration

5. a contested "power" shot

6. any of the above before the defense is set

If none of the above opportunities presents itself, now there is time to run your offense to try to achieve the above goals. A team should take NO contested outside shots unless at the end of the clock. Your offense should start as soon as the fast break ends. Many people call it a "secondary break," but I like to call it our "early offense".

Your offense should be an organized attack from the point of possession. As soon as you get a rebound or a steal, the team enters a fast break attack, exploring opportunities to outnumber the defense. That fast break should flow into a structured "early offense." The type of early offense should be determined by the kind of shots that the team is looking for, based on it's yearly strength.

If a team has good, big players, maybe the first few shot opportunities in the early offense should give those players the opportunity to post up. If wings are the strength, then the team can run those players off of screens for shots. Guard play may be the strength, and the team can spread the floor looking for drive opportunities. Whatever the team chooses to do should be based on a system that gets better players early shots and then flows into the offense that the team is running at the time.

This type of constant attack does not give the defense time to regroup and may catch them out of position for a quality shot early in the possession.



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