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Controlled Fast Break

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Controlled Fast Break

Teams should adjust their speed on the fast break and focus on number advantages and organization, rather than just pure speed sprinting up the court. Too many teams today just fly down the court without any regard to body control, court position, or defensive numbers.

Guards should practice changing speeds in the open court against defensive pressure, including the cross-over from a speed dribble. Ball-handlers must also slow down and be able to find teammates at the end of the break or set up the offense if there is not an offensive advantage.

While running, the fast break lanes should be an all out sprint, and players must learn to slow themselves down enough to gain control at the end of the break. This way, when they catch the ball, they are ready to ride it in for a layup, pull up for a jump shot, put the ball on the floor to drive, or stop under control and search for open teammates.

A good way to understand this is to apply the concept of the "runway" on the fast break. A jet doesn't land on a runway at the same speed as it flies in the middle of its flight. Fly down the lanes, get control on the runway, and then "taxi" into position for a great "landing" and a good offensive possession.



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