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Strength Training

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Strength Training

Participating in strength training and conditioning could give you that extra edge to win a championship. Weight training, along with a good flexibility program, will not only help your body resist injury (which is very important during the long season), but will also allow you to be more explosive and gain the strength and stamina necessary for basketball's physical play.

The goal of your strength and conditioning program should be two-fold: 1) prevent injury, and 2) improve athletic ability. Notice that "enhance basketball performance" is not one of the goals listed. This is because basketball performance is just that--basketball performance. In order for an athlete to improve his or her performance, he or she needs to practice the skills required for basketball.

Improving one's strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility will not only set the stage for practice, but it will also aid in preventing injury so that one can make it through the entire season without getting hurt. Sport-specific training should be implemented during practice. Keep in mind that it's not the strength that will improve performance, but rather it is the strength when applied to practice that results in improved performance. Use weight lifting, conditioning, and stretching to enhance athletic ability and prevent injury.



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