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Quickness and Agility Drills for Basketball

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Quickness and Agility Drills for Basketball

With individual players being stronger and faster than ever before, basketball has become more and more competitive in recent years. Including a complete agility and quickness program into a training program can help a player gain advantage over his competitors.

Quickness and agility are popular terms used to describe an athlete's patterns of movement. Simply defined, quickness describes the athlete's speed, acceleration, reactive ability, and explosiveness. The more players improve limb speed, reaction, and acceleration, the greater the potential to increase their speed will be. Agility is the athlete's ability to change direction suddenly with minimal loss of speed, balance, and body control.

There are several key aspects to consider when developing an agility training program for basketball. A basketball player's quickness and agility program should include drills that emphasize lateral movement, change of direction, and sudden starts and stops (with or without a ball) because these movement patterns are specific to the sport of basketball. By implementing these drills, a basketball player's skill acquisition will inevitably be enhanced.



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